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    • Consulting
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    • Industry
    • Legal
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Quinkert & Esser Executive Search GmbH is a highly-specialised personnel consulting company
focussed on placing experts with definitive expertise in a range of sectors on the European market
and on selected American markets.


Norbert Quinkert / Partner

Norbert Quinkert

Norbert Quinkert joined Bull AG in 1965 as a systems analyst, later worked on IT projects as Project Manager before moving to Sales in 1970. In 1973, he transferred as District Manager to the Information Service arm of Bull General Electric, which later became General Electric Information-Service GmbH. From 1979 onwards, he has held various positions as Sales Director, Marketing Director and finally Managing Director of the firm. In 1998, he took over GE Healthcare Central Europe as Vice-President of Central European Operations. In his dual role, he was appointed as President of General Electric Deutschland, in charge of overseeing GE’s businesses in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Norbert Quinkert joined Motorola in 1995 as Chairman of Motorola GmbH and was also made responsible for Motorola's Austrian, Swiss and Dutch operations. He has been working together with Quinkert & Esser since 2006, and is specialized in searching for Chief Executives and Directors in IT-Communications, Healthcare, and other High-tech industries. Norbert Quinkert also focuses on non-executive board positions and searches for lobbying personalities.

Dr. Claudia Esser / Partner

Claudia Esser

Dr. Claudia Esser studied law and was an associate lawyer with a law firm for the first six years of her career. She specialised in banking. January 1997 she joined an auditing and tax consultancy firm in Berlin, Germany. Besides being a legal counsel she was heavily involved in the CPA business of the company. In 2000 she founded her own IT company, abakus Wertkontor AG, which she ran as CEO. Dr. Claudia Esser joined KSP based in Hamburg, Germany in September 2003, were she was responsible for special company projects and was a key in acquiring large businesses in retail, media, publishing, insurance and banking industries. In 2004 she was awarded her PhD. In the year 2006, she was one of the founding partners of Quinkert & Esser GmbH. She is specialized in: IT, financial services, retail, fmcg, insurance, consulting and legal firms. From the functional point of view she is heavily involved in establishing new sales units.

Hubertus Moll / Partner

Hubertus Moll

Hubertus Moll is a lawyer whose focal activities ensure that he avails of in-depth knowledge of the areas of financial and professional services, IT, retail and FMCG, logistics as well as specific technological sectors. Hubertus Moll offered consulting services in these branches in prior positions and has been successfully working as a personnel consultant in these sectors for several years. Within the framework of his activities, Hubertus Moll has been responsible for recruiting numerous candidates for (management) positions in a wide variety of functional areas for many corporations of international significance. His work focuses on filling positions requiring experience in the relevant target sectors along with specialist skills in selected areas. Hubertus Moll has been with Quinkert & Esser Executive Search GmbH as a partner since 2011.

Can Ulusoy / Senior Personnel Consultant

Can Ulusoy

Can Ulusoy avails of in-depth expertise regarding searches within the areas of:

  • Financial Services
  • Professional Services
  • Technology
  • e-Commerce
  • IT
  • Automotive

Rebecca Ewerwahn / Senior Associate

Rebecca Ewerwahn

Rebecca Ewerwahn avails of in-depth expertise regarding searches within the areas of:

  • Financial services
  • Healthcare
  • FMCG
  • Retail
  • Logistics

Eric Eder / Senior Associate

Eric Eder

Eric Eder avails of in-depth expertise regarding searches within the areas of:

  • Retail
  • eCommerce
  • Logistics
  • Automotive

Susanne Matzen / Associate

Susanne Matzen

Susanne Matzen avails of in-depth expertise regarding searches within the areas of:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Healthcare
  • Professional Services

Nils Ronge / Associate

Nils Ronge

Nils Ronge avails of in-depth expertise regarding searches within the areas of:

  • Financial Services
  • Professional Services
  • Technology & Engineering
  • Automotive & Manufacturing    


David Wilhelm / Associate

David Wilhelm

David Wilhelm avails of in-depth expertise regarding searches within the areas of:

  • Retail
  • Logistics
  • Automotive
  • IT

Christa Peschel / Organisation & Accounting

Christa Peschel

Christa Peschel is responsible for:

  • Organisational topics
  • Accounting
  • Projects


Quinkert & Esser DIGITAL operates on international markets and has established itself as one of the leading
cross-sector personnel agencies in the digital age.

With its market focus on retail, financial services, logistics, industry and IT, Quinkert & Esser has provided global companies and innovative medium-sized enterprises with support through the digital culture of change since the very dawn of the commercial internet.

Our goal of complying with our clients' growing demand for specialised and management personnel availing of in-depth digital expertise was supported by establishing Quinkert & Esser DIGITAL in 2009. This unit operates across all sectors and specialises in recruiting perfect digital native fits.

We exclusively apply the Executive Search method – not only in a cross-functional manner but across all hierarchies, too.

Our Digital Team comprises digital natives who speak the language of our clients and candidates.


We are a highly-regarded sparring partner for clients

  • operating in the B2C environment
  • involved in e-Commerce across all online sub-channels
  • displaying complex fulfilment processes
  • wishing to develop Digital Competence Centres
  • requiring in-depth IT and online expertise or offering these services


Our clients are international corporations as well as
innovative medium-sized companies

  • whose value-added chains partially or exclusively focus on
    the online market
  • who wish to implement Digital as a cross-departmental issue
    in their corporate culture and
  • have a high demand for extremely qualified and specialised
    experts in the areas of Digital and IT

Women in Business

Women in Top Management

  • are in demand
  • benefit from constructive dialogue
  • provide valuable advice
  • redefine the KPIs of Talent Management


We offer

  • a network of top managers for whom the issue of
    diversity is a firm objective
  • first-hand expert consulting
  • a pool of excellent female candidates from sectors
    still dominated by men, e.g. IT or engineering



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